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Filmmakers Developing Feature Focused on the Joy and Success before and after the Riots of 1892-1921

February 6th, 2017 – Independent filmmaker and production company, Enter@ctuality Media, are in development phase of feature film, ‘1921’ – TO THE BLACK WALL STREETS IN AMERICA.

Script writer, Story and Producer Funkface not only wants to bring the little-known historical tragedy's to light, he wants to do so in a way that doesn’t only focus on the devastating events, but also showcases the fun, love and prosperity that built communities into the most successful and promising of the era before the riots burnt them to the ground.

 Funk said, "How about putting Alfred Hitchcock, Duel (1971), Rod Serling's - Twilight Zone, Harlem Nights, Shawshank Redemption, Mississippi Burning, Crash and Funkface in a blender while preparing yourself for a great film with a weird foundation, Love from the heart and a wicked story. Let us not forget that it's also a musical in some scene's. But my main, main, main focus are the visual effects. The vfx mean a lot to me and I will need the best in that field. My Brother Neal Lemleim is the EP who will put it on the Big Screen."

The crew being assembled is also one worth showcasing, according to Funk, he has diligently sought out and enlisted African American Females, African Americans and Minority females and will continue to focus utilizing the talents of filmmakers that don’t typically get the respect they deserve in the entertainment industry. At the end of the day, racial and minority injustice isn’t about martyrdom, it’s about respect. The script is currently being fine-tuned for budget breakdown and investment finalization before going out to talent.

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